Interactive video ads that Your Clients will love

Attract new clients and bigger budgets by adding interactive video ads to your offer. Clipflip lets you turn linear In- & Outstream videos into interactive experiences with our easy to use software.  

Why You Need a Unique Ad Offering

Over the past few years, the online advertising space has been changing rapidly. A unique offer can make all the difference. Here is why:

Highly competitive market

Competing with big players like Google, Meta and agencies requires a lot of effort

Less direct, more programmatic

Advertisers see no value in directly booking with publishers anymore and chose programmatic solutions instead

Selling inventory at lower CPMs

Having to lower prices to sell inventory and be competitive is leading to overall decreased ad revenue

How a Weak USP Costs You

Not having a powerful USP and an irresistible offer for advertisers is costing you. Here is how:

Retaining and acquiring advertisers is expensive

It requires significant resources to keep advertisers happy and motivate them to book again

Loss of personal connection

With advertisers moving to programmatic alternatives you lose personal connections that warrant regular bookings

Decreased budgets

Advertisers allocate smaller budgets to advertise on publishing sites, leading to reduced ad revenue.

Introducing Interactive Video AdsA Unique Offer To Sell More Campaigns

Learn how we have helped publishers around the world to create an irresistible offer

Why Interactive Video Ads?

Eye-catching overlays
Multiple click-throughs
High CTRs & brand engagement
= an irresistable offer for your advertising portfolio
Linear Video Ads
Single Click-Through
Minimal Brand Interaction
Relying on adserver reporting to figure out campaign success
avg. CTR & VCR
Ads were produced for TV
Interactive Videos Ads with Clipflip
Multiple Click Through URLs
High engagement with the brand
In depth reporting & valuable data on what customers clicked on and engaged with
High CTR & VCR with eye-catching overlays
Ads are enhanced with more relevant information for the online audience

Your benefits of selling Interactive Video Ads

Win & retain clients with a unique offer which they can not get anywhere else
Position yourself as an innovation leader
Sell more inventory at
higher CPMs

Maximize the potential of your video ad campaigns!

Build Interactive Video Ads Yourself

Clipflip Studio

With the help of our self-service studio, you can create interactive video ads with ease. Our intuitive software can be used by anyone and requires no additional training.

Your campaign process stays almost the same

This is how you can integrate Clipflip into your existing workflow
Build interactive video 
in Clipflip Studio
Export VAST Tag & upload to your ad server
Start & manage your campaign as usual

Reporting & Data Privacy

In-depth Reporting

Get insights on:
Overlay clicks
Video events like mute & pause Completion Rate
Interaction Rate

100% cookieless 

& GDPR compliant

Explore More Features

Transform How Advertisers See You

We understand that as a publisher you need to stand out in the highly competitive advertising market. To achieve this, you need a solution that differentiates your offering from other programmatic advertising solutions & offerings.

The challenge is that without a powerful USP, retaining and acquiring advertisers becomes difficult. Advertisers often see little reason to book directly with you – leading to missed opportunities and revenue.

We get it – the constant struggle to acquire advertisers can be overwhelming. You should be able to focus on landing larger campaigns and building stronger relationships. Instead, you find yourself constantly chasing down advertisers.

Having spent years in this industry, we’ve seen tough competition from giants like Google, Meta, and programmatic agencies. We know how frustrating and time-consuming this can be.

That’s why we developed Clipflip, a groundbreaking video ad format designed to make your offerings irresistible to advertisers. Clipflip enhances In- and Outstream videos with interactive overlays that capture attention and drive high click-through rates.

Here’s how you can transform your advertising strategy with Clipflip:

  1. Book a call with us
  2. Integrate our unique ad format into your offerings
  3. Retain more clients and secure consistent bookings

Don’t let advertisers slip away and let your competitors get ahead. Book a call with us today and start selling more campaigns than ever before. With Clipflip, you can elevate your advertising game, attract more advertisers, and focus on what truly matters – selling more campaigns & building advertiser relationships.

Michael Sturm
Special Offer

First Interactive Campaign for FREE!

Unsure whether our solution is right for you? Try it out with a free campaign!
No monthly fee & no CPM – just run the campaign as you always do but with innovative overlays and compare the results!
(Limited to 300.000 ad impressions)


What if we don't have the resources to build videos ourselves?

No problem! Our team includes video design experts specialized in crafting interactive videos. Whether you need demo videos or help for a campaign, we can handle it all for you at no additional cost.

Check out our managed service or contact us for more information

What if we already use interactive videos?

That's great! Clipflip enhances your interactive video capabilities, supporting many formats and playback contexts. Our technology integrates seamlessly into In-Stream environments as Pre-Rolls via our VAST Tag, and offers multiple Outstream options using our VAST Tag and Iframe.

Can my team achieve the same results using Premiere Pro?

Unfortunately no, while Premiere Pro is excellent for video editing, it cannot create clickable or interactive overlays after export. Clipflip specializes in adding these interactive elements directly within the video, enhancing viewer engagement and functionality.

Which ad servers are compatible with Clipflip?

Clipflip is compatible with leading ad servers, including Adform, Google DV360, and Xandr, ensuring broad compatibility and seamless integration with your set up.

Are you GDPR compliant?

Clipflip takes privacy matters very seriously. Our company follows all GDPR guidelines and only collaborates with partners that take privacy as seriously as we do. We are also registered as an official IAB TCF 2.2 vendor.

For more detailed information, please review our terms of service and privacy policy here.

What is the easiest way to get started?

Just send us a video, we will add our magic overlays. You can pitch it in your team or your client and decide whether our solution is something you would love to try in a real campaign. Just reach out to us to discuss the details and receive your first interactive video.

Is there a catch with the free campaign that you offer?

No. We believe that the best way to try interactive video campaigns is with a live campaign. Therefore we offer a free interactive video campaign (up to 300.000 ad impressions). You can use it to A/B test it with a campaign without any overlays. We will not charge you any cpm.

Can you provide me with case studies to share with my team?

Yes. We have many case studies in many different industries that we have worked with. Book a call with us and we will happily provide you with more case studies & information.

Do you have volume discounts?

Yes. Should you be planning to deliver a lot of ad impressions during a year with us, we will offer you an exclusive deal that with a lower CPM for you. Reach out to our sales team to learn more!