Managed Service
$0 / Month
$2 CPM
On Demand Video Creation For Demos, Pitches & Campaigns
$490 / Month
$1.8 CPM
Clipflip Studio Access
200,000 Impressions included
Invite up to 10 Team Members
Studio Pro
$990 / Month
$1.5 CPM
Clipflip Studio Access
500,000 Impressions included
Invite Unlimited Team Members
exclusive SLA
All include:
Interactive Overlays + VAST Tag/Iframe + Video Hosting + Reporting + Support

Starting Your Interactive Video Journey Is Easy

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Build Interactive Video Ads Yourself

Clipflip Studio

With the help of our self-service studio, you can create interactive video ads with ease. Our intuitive software can be used by anyone and requires no additional training.

Our Video Experts

Not ready for self service yet? We are interactive video experts and we will help you transform your videos into awesome interactive experiences. We have built over 500 interactive video ads in 2023 and have in-depth knowledge of where to place high-performing overlays that fit your clients’ brands. We work hard to return the final videos within a few days of receiving them.

Campaign results across 20 industries

On average 1 million ad impressions lead to:
17 246
(avg. across 12 months in 2023)
Special Offer

First Interactive Campaign for FREE!

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No monthly fee & no CPM – just run the campaign as you always do but with innovative overlays and compare the results!
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