On-demand video ad creation agency

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On-demand video ad creation agency

Never hear the words "We do not have any videos for ad campaigns at the moment" ever again. Provide your clients with beautiful, high performing and relevant video ads, so they always have fresh materials for their campaigns.

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We did not reinvent the wheel,
just video ad production

Let us handle video ad creation for you – this is how it works:

Upload your work

We know you have already put a lot of effort into your video. Click upload, sit back and relax while we take care of uploading your video onto our servers.

Of course you can also upload your video to your personal Dropbox and share the URL with us.

Submit Your Video Request

Simply add your video request to our dedicated pipeline. Tell us about the content you need and the purpose of the video - the more details, the better!

We Study Your Client's Brand

Our team meticulously scans your client's website, studying their corporate identity. We look into everything - fonts, colors, layouts - to guarantee a video that aligns perfectly with your client's brand.

Custom Template Creation

We create a 100% custom template specific to your client, filled with the requested content. This reusable template enables speedy production of future videos, keeping the brand's identity consistent across all campaigns.

Receive videos in different sizes and lengths

Your video is then exported as an mp4 file, ready to use. Need different aspect ratios for social media? We've got you covered. Receive your professional, high-quality video ad, optimized for wherever you want to use it.

Your benefits of working with us

Easy & straightforward communication and feedback loops – managed through Trello.
Subscribe & request as many videos as you'd like.
We'll revise the videos until you're 100% satisfied.
Receive your design within a few business days,
Monday to Friday.

Take your video ads
one step further:
Make them interactive!

Get a set of formats

Our platform offers videos in different aspect ratios to meet your needs. Whether you prefer the standard 16:9 format, square 1:1 format, or vertical 9:16 format, we have you covered. You can seamlessly integrate these videos into your projects or social media platforms. Try our video delivery service today for convenience and flexibility.


Your Trusted
Video Ad Experts

Clipflip, based in Austria, is your go-to team of video creation specialists committed to supporting your agency's growth and capabilities. Our team, proficient in both German and English, offers a solution for agencies looking to expand their services or those swamped with work. Our offering - an unlimited monthly video subscription - is designed to meet diverse needs, ensuring your agency never misses an opportunity due to a lack of fresh and relevant video content. With Clipflip, we empower your agency to continually deliver outstanding ad campaigns, regardless of how busy your schedule may be. We're more than a service - we're your partner in transforming 'no videos' into 'unstoppable ad campaigns'. Let us amplify your agency's success story.


100% transparent pricing - no hidden fees & cost

One monthly subscription.
Many amazing videos.

Our monthly video creation service includes:
  • Unlimited videos - one video at a time
  • Unlimited brands
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited feedback loops
  • Start immediately
  • Stock videos & images
  • Easy online pipeline management (Trello)
  • Deliverables: 3x MP4 files (16:9; 9:16, 1:1)
  • No hidden fees & costs
  • Pause or cancel anytime

Try it out!

Unsure whether a video creation service is right for you? Try our process for 2 weeks to get an idea on how we work.

2 weeks
650 €
4 workdays delivery

Fast deliveries for busy times

We try to deliver your videos as soon as possible but we guarantee it within X workdays.

5 workdays
1.290 €
per month
4 workdays
1.490 €
per month
3 workdays
1.990 €
per month

All prices above excluding VAT


What exactly does your service offer?

Our service offers quick, efficient, and customized video creation for your ad campaigns. You can choose between an unlimited monthly subscription or individual video purchases based on your needs.

Who will build my videos?

Your videos will be crafted by our team of video building experts based in Austria. Fluent in both German and English, they possess the skills and knowledge to understand your requirements thoroughly and deliver videos that exceed your expectations.

How do I request a video?

You simply add a video request to our dedicated pipeline, detailing the content you need and the purpose of the video. All this is easily managed through a Trello board.

How do you ensure the video fits the brand?

As part of our process, we take a close look at your brand. We do this by carefully examining your website and evaluating your corporate identity, which includes things like fonts, colors, and layouts. To make sure we get everything just right, we also give you the opportunity to upload your own fonts, logo, and color schemes using our briefing sheet. This allows us to create a unique template that perfectly matches your brand.

How long does it take to get my video?

Our team strives for a quick turnaround time. The exact timeline may vary based on the complexity and specifics of your request. Nevertheless, you can rely on us to meet the turnaround time outlined in your flat fee package, as per the terms of your agreement.

Can you provide videos in different aspect ratios?

Absolutely! We can export your video in various aspect ratios to suit different social media platforms upon request.

How is your service cost-effective?

Our flat-rate monthly subscription or per video pricing eliminates the need for hiring an in-house team or outsourcing to an external agency, saving your business time and money.

What if I need to make changes to the video?

We are committed to ensuring you are satisfied with the final product. If you need changes, please reach out to us and we'll be glad to assist.