Innovative In- & Outstream Solution

The ultimate In- & Outstream video ad solution. Video ads that stand out from the crowd by additional interactive overlays like CTAs, images, and click areas. Boosting engagement and driving more visitors and sales.

VAST 3.0 & 4.2

Our VAST Tag can serve interactive videos in any in- & outstream environment. Clipflip’s VAST Tag is compatible with all popular ad servers.


Send the user to multiple landing pages from one video. Once a user clicks they will arrive at the perfect landing page that matches their interests.

Engaging Overlays

Clipflip comes with multiple overlay types that go beyond the ordinary. Many interactive elements create a new way of engagement.

Become an innovation leader by expanding your offering with Clipflip!

One ad. Multiple clickthroughs.

Unleash the power of your videos with multiple destinations. With Clipflip, you can include various visual calls to action and direct your audience to specific targets, such as a dedicated product page or your website. Say goodbye to limiting yourself to a single clickthrough URL and open up a world of new possibilities for your ads.

Video is good. Interactive is better!

Traditional online video ads were not produced for an online medium in the first place and therefore lack a clear call to action. In contrast to TV ads, in the online world users can click on ads and interact with them. But why limit it to one click URL? Clipflip combines videos with HTML and enables a new ad experience that is provided by displaying multiple overlays that users can interact with. Overlays like simple buttons or complex sliders all contribute to creating engaging ads. This not only leads to more clicks but also to a higher watch time of the ads.

More engagement
More viewing time
More clicks

Campaign results across 20 industries

On average 1 million ad impressions lead to:
17 246
(avg. across 12 months in 2023)
"Thanks to our collaboration with Clipflip, we have consistently received positive feedback from our advertising clients and have achieved remarkable KPIs. Our interactive approach has revolutionized traditional Pre-Roll advertisements, providing a unique experience for the viewers. Currently, many of our active brands prefer to book their video campaigns in the 'Enhanced Pre-Roll' format, also known as 'Pimp my Pre-Roll'."
Waldemar Witt
Ringier Advertising

Maximize the potential of your video ad campaigns!

How it works

How we take your video and transform it into an amazing interactive experience

Upload your work

We know you have already put a lot of effort into your video. Click upload, sit back and relax while we take care of uploading your video onto our servers.

Of course you can also upload your video to your personal Dropbox and share the URL with us.

Submit Videos

Submit up to 5 videos, and we'll transform them at no cost. These videos can come from recent campaigns or from clients looking to try something new and innovative. Take advantage of this unique service and impress your clients with a brand new way of video advertising.

Receive Interactive Videos & Sales Material

After you submit your videos, we'll transform them into interactive experiences by overlaying buttons, images, sliders and other elements. We can follow your briefing or conduct our own research to create the perfect interactive ad. Within a few days, you'll receive the transformed videos, as well as sales material.

Pitch Videos to Clients

With the help of our sales material, you can pitch the idea of interactive videos to your clients. Use the personalized videos and the material to show them how interactive videos can improve their campaigns and engage their audience.

Campaign kick-off and reporting

After you’ve convinced your client about interactive videos, our team will take charge of the campaign creation and management. We’ll sort out the technical details like video hosting and provide a VAST Tag. For the delivery, we charge a $2 CPM. Post-campaign, you’ll receive an in-depth report detailing user interactions and engagement metrics, which will guide enhancements for future campaigns.

Managed Service Pricing

You send us the videos and we take care of the rest

Price per 1.000 ad impressions
No upfront payment, just pay for the delivery
Interactive video transformation
Vast 3.0 & 4.2
Video Hosting (HLS streaming)
In depth reporting
Premium Support

Our Video Experts

We are interactive video experts and we will help you transform your videos into awesome interactive experiences. We have built over 500 interactive video ads in 2023 and have in-depth knowledge of where to place high-performing overlays that fit your clients’ brands. We work very hard to return the final videos within a few days of receiving them.

About us

Our goal is to help you transition to interactive video ads smoothly and provide you with a customized solution that fits your specific needs. We believe in the power of interactive video ads to engage and captivate audiences, and we're here to help you take advantage of this powerful software. Whether you have questions or just want to discuss the potential of interactive ads for your business, feel free to reach out to me anytime.

Michael Sturm (CEO)
Special Offer

First Interactive Campaign for FREE!

Unsure whether our solution is right for you? Try it out with a free campaign!
No monthly fee & no CPM – just run the campaign as you always do but with innovative overlays and compare the results!
(Limited to 100.000 ad impressions)


We do not have the resources to build the videos. Can you help?

Yes, we now offer a managed service where we can create interactive videos for you. Whether it's for a campaign or a pitch, simply send us your video with a short briefing and we'll handle the building process for you. No need to worry about managing the resources or technical aspects – we've got it covered.

Check out our managed service or contact us for more information

Are you GDPR compliant?

Clipflip takes privacy matters very seriously. Our company follows all GDPR guidelines and only collaborates with partners that take privacy as seriously as we do. We are also registered as an official IAB TCF 2.2 vendor.

For more detailed information, please review our terms of service and privacy policy here.

What is the easiest way to get started?

Just send us a video, we will add our magic overlays. You can pitch it in your team or your client and decide whether our solution is something you would love to try in a real campaign. Just reach out to us to discuss the details and receive your first interactive video.

Can I share interactive videos on social media?

Yes and No. The main social media platforms do not currently support HTML5 video, therefore they do not support interactive video.We recommend you to share the links of your interactive videos on social media with a thumbnail, headline and description so people can click and open the interactive video which the viewer can play right away, on any device.

Is there a catch with the free campaign that you offer?

No. We believe that the best way to try interactive video campaigns is with a live campaign. Therefore we offer a free interactive video campaign (up to 100.000 ad impressions). You can use it to A/B test it with a campaign without any overlays. We will not charge you any cpm.

Where are my interactive videos hosted?

We use Mux to store and encode your videos. When uploading a video in our dashboard the file will be transcoded into the HLS format and stored on the Mux infrastructure. Their servers are distributed around the world in order to provide the best loading time for your videos.

Can you provide me with case studies to share with my team?

Yes. We have many case studies in many different industries that we have worked with. Book a call with us and we will happily provide you with more case studies & information.

Do you have volume discounts?

Yes. Should you be planning to deliver a lot of ad impressions during a year with us, we will offer you an exclusive deal that with a lower CPM for you. Reach out to our sales team to learn more!